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Welcome To Cavan Denture Clinic

Our mission at Cavan Denture Clinic is to provide customised, precision dentures that look and feel natural. We strive to provide each patient with dentures that will give them confidence, comfort and security whilst all the time ensuring that function will not be compromised.

At Cavan Denture Clinic we construct, supply and repair all types of dentures. We deploy the latest in aesthetic techniques and clinical technology and use only the best materials to provide an end product that is superior in quality and amazingly lifelike.

Our staff compromise of well trained and highly skilled professionals led by our Clinical Dental Technician Garrett Mac Enrí, forming a team with experience and expertise that is dedicated to serving and meeting the highest of quality and expectations. Our team treats each case with expertise and care to meet our patients’ requirements.


cavan denture clinic ireland

Cavan Denture Clinic provide a full range of Denture treatments

Garrett MacEnri who runs the clinic is a fully qualified clinical dental technician (CDT). A CDT is the only type of technician legally entitled to take impressions in the mouth and to fit dentures.


cavan denture clinic ireland

Providing the highest standard of personal care

Our aim is to create Dentures that look, fit and feel natural, working closely with you to achieve the most authentic, attractive and functional Dentures to make you comfortable and feeling good.

Take A tour Of Our Facilities

cavan denture clinic ireland

Our Treatments

At Cavan Denture Clinic we have a full range of denture treatments available:

• Full upper and lower dentures
• Acrylic part dentures
• Chrome dentures
• Implant retained dentures
• Denture repairs
• Denture relines
• Emergency dentures


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These are dentures that are made for people who still have teeth remaining.

The denture is made using a plate that covers the roof or the floor of the mouth.Sometimes clasps are added to this type of denture.
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These are dentures that are most suitable to patients who still have some natural teeth remaining.

These are made using a thin metal frame in the mouth which leaves the palate uncovered. Its retention is achieved by clasps on the chrome which grip around existing teeth.

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These implants are drilled into the bone by an oral surgeon who is part of our dental team. This ensures stability of the denture. A regular denture rests on the gums. An implant supported denture is usually made for the lower jaw because lower dentures tend to be most unstable.

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At Cavan Denture Clinic we offer a same day denture repair service.

Usually a denture can be repaired within a few hours. For adding teeth to existing dentures a little bit more time is needed, but again usually this is done on the same day.

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This is where a loose denture has material added to the fitting surface to made it fit better.

Usually this treatment can be done in a day but a full day is usually needed. Also relines are usually just for full dentures.

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At Cavan Denture Clinic we offer an express service for patients who have had accidents with or lost dentures. An additional fee would be necessary for such treatment.

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