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Denture Relines

Denture Relines is where a loose denture has material added to the fitting surface to made it fit better.

Denture Relines treatment is usually completed in a day but a full day is usually needed.  Also relines are usually just for full dentures.

When your jawbone and gums shrink this is called resorption. This is a natural occurrence which can lead to having to have your dentures relined.

Relining helps to stop flabby gum tissue forming under the denture and enables better retention for the denture.

A secure denture greatly improves a person’s ability to chew food properly. The ability to feel confident in speaking and smiling is an important part of life for a denture wearer.

If you have a valid medical card then you are entitled to have a full upper and full lower denture reline done. This can only be done once every 5 years.

Denture Relines