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Chrome Dentures

Chrome Dentures are most suitable to patients who still have some natural teeth remaining. 

These are made using a thin metal frame in the mouth which leaves the palate uncovered. Its retention is achieved by clasps on the chrome which grip around existing teeth.  The palate being free means that it is less intrusive in the mouth and less likely to get food caught underneath.

The stability and retention of the chrome denture comes from the metal framework gripping the natural teeth. Both the number and position of remaining natural teeth is critical to the success of the denture.

The chrome denture is the most comfortable to wear. It is the easiest type of denture to adapt to. It has the best retention. It is smaller and thinner providing the best chewing experience. It is the most hygienic option providing a very strong denture which is less likely to fracture. Patients definitely feel more confident wearing this type of denture.

Chrome Dentures